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If you are looking to commission the design and production of an outstanding media presentation, look no further. Bitsworld · media – an outgrowth of the already successful Bitsworld Consulting, catering to the print, new media and fashion design industries – is now on the scene.

Recently completed a live/media presentation executed in PowerPoint, with over 450 frames. This presentation was for the annual black-tie awards ceremony of a prestigious organization of designers, so it had to be exceptional... and it was!

The work consisted of hundreds of scanned graphic images, all purpose-resampled for PowerPoint, template-based "credits" frames describing these images, and several QuickTime clips. Our responsibilities included:

  • editing (resampling, cropping, scaling, adjusting) all the images
  • converting database extracts to Word outlines for import to PowerPoint
  • graphic design/composition of "sponsor" frames
  • creating the templates and transitions
  • producing the presentation
  • coordinating and rehearsing with live musicians and emcees
While the bulk of our work is done in PowerPoint, we also use Keynote and even iPhoto where appropriate (depends on time, budget and automation requirements). As noted, we can coordinate final production with live musicians, or we can add music/sound tracks to the presentations to your specification, or can produce original music as needed.

Our work looks as good behind the scenes as it does on the screen. All graphics are optimally formatted and sized for the presentation. All links are relative, so your presentations are portable (can be put onto a CD), and as templates are used throughout, it is easy and quick to make global changes as needed.

Please contact Keith Gardner at 646-229-1293 to discuss your project needs, or email us at We are eager for our next success story! References are certainly available on request.

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